Thursday, September 18, 2008

Welcome Friends

Greetings Earth Loving Friends!

I am newly inspired to try once again at keeping a blog going.
I will mostly be focusing on my interactions with the earth, and my life as an artist. As I progress along this beautifully foliated path, gleaning from the wonderful delights along the way, I witness a blooming and a metamorphosis.

As time moves along, people are coming round circle and once again taking more notice of the true gift that is our Earth. We realize that it is long overdue to pay closer attention and strive to protect our wonderful natural habitat.

This blog goes along a journey, my journey, as I move through this circle. The progression of my efforts to serve Mother Earth through art, form, and education will happily be shared.
Please feel free to post comments, express your interest, and share your stories with us all. Together we will make a difference!

Listen to the Earth speak.

Keep in Going, Keep it Growing.